The Chaos – father of all things

Chaos is an essential element of the Theogony of Hesiod. It precedes everything, the origin of the world, the gods, the titans. It is a bottomless chasm where one falls endlessly. In worse.

Today Chaos is a very powerful mathematical concept which core definition may share some ideas with this Chaos but not really if you look close. At the time it was rather the idea of the perfect mess of everything, more prosaically, the absolute disorder.

Chaos was not born, it pre-exists everything, has neither beginning nor end, neither center nor edge or time, so no beginning nor end.

From Chaos are born :

  • Nyx,
  • Erebus,
  • Gaia and
  • Uranus.

Chaos according to Hesiod is linked to its Greek root, χα meaning « being wide open » … which designates empty space.

Later a derivation of the word gave it the meaning of a confused, shapeless and unorganized mass of elements spread in space. Chaos is a cosmic principle, without divine character.

It is the same with the primordial Eros mentioned by Hesiod. This Eros is more of a metaphysical principle, a force of attraction between the intimate constituents of the universe. It has nothing to do with the « Eros » of later legends.

Jackson Pollock

In the very end, the Chaos is too the tomb of our universe.

Warm up

From Chaos the world was born

Basically, a crevice without edge or bottom, top, … where nothing coexists with everything : the primordial Chaos. Figure a Jackson Pollock and see it as a figurative painting compared to Chaos.

Primordial deities

They are the first born of chaos. Everything starts from them:

Nyx, Erebe, Gaïa and Ouranos. Two couples were formed: Nyx and Erebus on the one hand, and Gaïa and Ouranos on the other. The four of them have spawned all the fiddles of gods that Greek Mythology has known. Sometimes even by themselves. MeToo could have started with the Greek Deities! But this comes a little after, with Gods, which are nearly like the men of today (in an occidental point of view) and Goddesses which are as well the women of today.


We essentially know them to be the parents of Gods such as Zeus, or Demeter for example. After being the Goddesses and Gods parents, they had their asses kicked by their own kids to get kicked out of Olympus and condemn to be almost all locked in Tartarus, the first Ghetto. Not being condemned for Eternity in the Tartarus was not better, for instance Atlas was ordered to carry the world on his shoulders …

Goddesses and Gods

The only ones that doesn’t need to be introduced. Each of them is presented, as well as all other Deities in the family tree.


Random Chicks and Dudes which often are sons of Goddesses and/or Gods and who performed godly acts. Sort of. For example Bellérophon, who destroyed Chimera, or Persée. They will be .

Others creatures

There are still a lot of creatures in Greek mythology. This site does not claim to be exhaustive. These include:
The Hecatoncheires : creatures with a hundred arms and fifty heads that spit fire, the Cyclops, creatures with one eye (they are the first born of Gaia and Ouranos, after came the Gods), the Gorgons, the Nymphs, the Giants, for the most famous, then the Moires, the Kères, the Oceanids, the Pleiades (a type of Oceanids), the Muses…


Funny little and fragile creature. They die and get easily offended. Just to say, it seems that thanks to us, we may be able to return to Chaos !!!